Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Kosher Compass

This site, provided by my friend Jerry, shows us how anyone will buy anything so long as you market it right. The Kosher Compass claims that it will always point to Jerusalem and doesn't necessarily always point east.

They claim it is also patent-pending, and contains no circuitry, I can only imagine how it analyzes barometric pressure, compass coordinates, etc and then miraclously points east!


Anonymous said...

I bought one, and I really like it . It is very attractive, a wonderful gift idea, and it really works.
I saw on your profile that you are interested in bringing up your kids properly. You may consider buying them this device as a gift,and teach them which direction is really important in life. I sure this would be more educational than those computer games they are probably playing.

Anonymous said...

I have one, and it is really a beautiful item. And, it really works. It points towards Jerusaelem. I think that it would make a wonderful gift.

Yonah said...

To the first "anonymous" poster:

I do intend to raise my children properly, but, if I truly do so, they will not need a compass, as the true direction to Jerusalem will always be in their hearts.

You will see what I mean in future posting.

Anonymous said...

I am the first anonymous.

I think that it is really beautiful what you said, that "the direction to Jerusalem will always be in their hearts."
But, I was commenting on how you mentioned the device in such a manner, insinuating that all of us who purchased it, or received it as gifts, are all fools for being tricked by good marketing.
What is wrong in having a nice looking compass, that was made to help enable people to fulfill the mitvah of prayer in a better fashion? Or for travelers who many times find themselves in places where they have no idea of the correct direction?
Why must we all be fools for wanting,and purchasing such an item?
This is what I was referring to in my first comment.

Anonymous said...

I believe I may have seen these at the nhhds Torah and "science" fair several years ago...