Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dhengah is back!!!

A couple of years ago there was an auction on e-bay for an Aliyah in the 'Dhengah' shteeble on Yom Kippur. The auction lined to
the unofficial website of the Dhengah Chassidim. It was down for a while and now is back. The yiddish on the home page (loosely translated) reads:

If you can read this, we beseech you to follow the [rulings of] our Rabbis (my they live long) and quickly shutdown your filthy, impure, disgusting Internet - G-d save us from it and destroy its name from the world - and rip the wire out of the wall and cut it into little pieces. After which, you should grab a book of Tehillim (psalms) and recite some of the chapters for several hours.

Or, if you don't want to, click here.

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