Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just a test....

For those of you who have recently joined this list, thanks and welcome. After waiting in the wings for a while, I think things are about to take off, and I am just testing some new publishing tools. Please ignore this message, and look for new content soon!

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A little bit about my *OTHER* son...

I spend an inordinate amount of time talking about my oldest son, Mitch. With good reason of course, seeing that he is 2 years older than his younger brother, it goes without saying that I have two more years of experience and fun with him.

But Mikey is definitely a character in his own right. For a 21-month old, he is a big chatterbox. He also is completely in "Monkey See, Monkey do" mode with Mitch - whateve Mitch does/wants/has he wants it too.

But what I find interesting, is that Mitch, somehow is a catalyst for Mikey's beggining to learn religious rituals. For example, now that Mitch knows his blessings to recite before and after food, Mikey tries reciting them too. While he doesn't have all the words down pat yet, it is the intention that is starting to form a good habit. Even though getting Mitch to wear his 'Yarmulka (skullcap)' is still a little bit of a battle, the minute Mitch puts it on, Mikey wants his on too.
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A tale of two neighborhoods.

Last week, the jewish community in Lakewood decided to collectively ban the Internet from its homes. While I don't agree with their actions, I do agree with their reasoning - the Internet has become a place where malicious individuals seek out innocent victims. Don't agree with me? try typing out a mispelling of the name of a famous website - like microsft.com or whitehouse.com. If you are not taken to a porn site, someone somewhere is trying to make a buck off of you - either by tallying page visits, or by trying to download spyware on your computer.

It is outrageous!

However, despite the evil people out there, there are still plenty of good uses for the web - like my blog, and like my kid's school's web site!

Other changes brewing....

In addition to moving my blogs to blogger, I am also looking at some other things:

  1. A monthly newsletter e-mail
  2. New features with better content on parenting
  3. Better pictures!

Please comment on the new site, and give me some feedback!

Moving to Blogger

For a myriad of Reasons, I decided to migrate my site to Blogger from Movable Type. This will help me with many things including publicity, and offline publishing - so I can now write blog entries when I am not net connected. Of course, I still need to figure out how to import all of my old blog entries.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Long time, no write


I haven't posted anything in weeks. I need to get better at this. While I haven't been posting, I have been mulling all kinds of site upgrades. We'll see if any of them transpire.