Monday, February 06, 2006

The new 'Nigerian' Scheme

Someone in my synagouge sent me this link to the New Republic about the Arafat twist on the 'Nigerian' spam scheme.

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last several years, or for those of you who just got your Internet connection (and somehow came across my site), the 'Nigerian' scheme is an e-mail that goes out suggesting that it is from some deposed african dictator or his family members who needs your help in saving several million dollars from his or her account into yours. If only you'd be so kind to wire them your account number or provide them with $10,000 to help them save the money, you will be rewarded with a nice cut of the supposed funds.

Surprise you as it may, some people have actually given away their life savings to various people around the globe.

Last year, when Arafat died, a new version of this came about, purportedly from his widow, Suha. She claims she is looking for a partner to help her save her husbands hidden millions from the Palestinina Authority. This resurfaced last week as Hamas won broad power in the Palestinian elections.

As farsical as it may seem, the likelihood of me getting a Piece of Suha's money is probably greater than that of Hamas and Fatah forming a decent government that protects the rights of Palestinians, and renounces terror.

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