Wednesday, March 16, 2005

We are their role models - proceed with caution

Last night my wife got upset at me during dinner - regardless of what it was about - in anger she pounded the kitchen counter. A split-second later my oldest did the same. We all had a good laugh, and then we looked at each other as if to say - we need to be careful in front of the kids.

Obviously Mitch has been mimicing us for years now, and Mikey has already started to mimic the three of us. It's amazing how much that we do in action and deed trickles into their vernacular and eventually their subconcious.

Every day I grow more and more cognizant of this, and I think to myself, how should I behave to show Mitch how to behave. While I have cleaned up my language a bit (not just the content, but also the tone) and offer Mitch the gentle reminder (i.e. Say Thank you, What's the magic word, etc.), Faigy and I haven't really changed all that much, and yet by all accounts, Mitch is a polite and considerate child (except when it comes to sharing toys with his brother, but we're working on that). Maybe we are doing something right afterall?

I just hope he never picks up on our bad habits

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