Thursday, March 17, 2005

The fine line between touting your child's talents and bragging

I am not what you might call a 'power blogger', but I also ocassionally read other blogs on the web and post comments as they relate. One blog that I read on ocassion is Megan Morrone's. Actually it was watching her old TV show - The Screen Savers - that I first learned about blogging, and catalyzed me to getting here to begin with. That being said, as the mom of a 2-year old with twins on the way - I can definitely relate.

I visited her blog the other day and I read a post of hers regarding a visit to the Doctors and the concept of parental pride. As I opined earlier this week. Mitch is bright enough and charming enough that other people seemingly take notice. (Granted, I am not sure sometimes if they are just being polite, or if they are being serious.) But does it really matter if he is the smartest in his class? Or if he has the top grades? Or if he goes to a State School instead of an Ivy League school? Will I be mortified if he becomes a basketweaver or a handyman even if I think that he is capable of more (so long as he can support himself and is happy, of course)?

Of course the proud parent in me gets excited everytime he does something new, especially if it isn't something that someone his age is supposed to do (For example, he can count to ten in 4 or 5 languages, but only by rote - since he is not so keen on adding yet :) ).

I also would like to think that I will know his potential and what he is capable of. He doesn't need to be the best in his class, but the best that he can be. Even if this is the case, I will still be dissapointed if he is not an "A" student, only because of the fact that I am his father and think that he is the greatest gift to mankind (since me, of course :) ).

For now though, I will simply enjoy him each day and revel at the 'crafts' he brings home from pre-school.

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