Monday, March 21, 2005


I took Mitch ice skating with our synagouge yesterday. This was essentially his second time on the ice - we had taken him last year when he was 2. Last year, in the hour we were on the ice, he hated the first 45 minutes of it, but then loved the next 15. This year I couldn't get him off the ice - he loved every minute of it. He wouldn't even let me sneak away and skate on my own for five minutes.

I really thought that I would be able to teach him how to skate, but it just didn't quite work out that way. While he was able to take some instruction - like keep your feet straight - it was limited. But all in all I am glad that he likes it. I bought him some in-line skates in Janbuary (they were dirt cheap on a post-holiday sale), and now I know that he will be ready to learn how to use them when the summer comes. I want to encourage him enough so that he gives it a fair shot, without pushing it to the point where he resents it because of my persistance or that he feels pressured into excelling because of my desires. It's definitely a tough balance to strike.

So for now, it will just be about a dad trying to teach his son how to skate.

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