Thursday, March 17, 2005


My wife always wanted a girl. Whenever we go into stores selling kids clothes, she always oogles the frilly dresses and skirts, and while it takes us 5 minutes to pick out a baby gift for a boy, she spends at least 30 minutes agonizing over the various choices for a girl's present.

Needless to say, I wholehearedly agree with her when she says that she wouldn't trade our two little boys in for all of the girls in the world. Neither would I.

Brothers have different bonds than sisters do. Sisters can be the best of friends. My wife and her sister talk at least once a week, and can gab on a variety of subjects. I have two brothers - one 2 years my junior and one 20. I will speak with them on average once or twice a month, and each conversation will seldom last for more than five minutes. In the event that I speak to them more often or for longer it's usually for practical matters - i.e. 'Hey I'm here, where are you?' or 'Can you help with this computer problem', etc.

But at the same time, we can go to a ball game, watch the movies that my wife will never go to - spending 2-3 hours together without uttering a word except for the ocassional high-five and grunts of delight at our entertainment choices.

That being said, It was great growing up with a little bro two years my junior. Sure it was annoying at times, but I also had a built-in playmate and sparring partner (much to my mom's chagrin. I hope Mitch doesn't send Mikey to the emergency room at all, yet alone as much as I sent my brother Yussie there when we were growing up.) Someone to talk to about girls and other things when you didn't feel like opening up to mom or dad.

I watch Mitch and Mike together, I start to see the begginings of this - the horsing around, and Mitch wanting to take advantage of Mikey's stature, but also Mitch trying to teach him things and giving him hugs and kisses (see the picture from the other day).

Granted I am grateful that we have been blessed with two healthy children, and that we diddn't have much difficulty getting there, but beyond that I think that it is wonderful that they will have each other for growing up and the long haul.

Now if only I can find a way to bond more with my own brothers in my already busy schedule.

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