Monday, June 26, 2006

At least we don't use it as an opportunity for propaganda like you do!!!

I am not the world's biggest futbol (uh, Soccer to my fellow Americans) fan, but during the World Cup I must admit I caught a bit of Football Fever. While Israel tends to excel in many sports on the international scene, soccer isn't one of them. If I am not mistaken, Israel has never been in a world cup. Yet somehow, the lowlife spin doctors in the Arab World have decided to use the World Cup platform as a way to take further potshots at Israel.

First, there was the whole John Pantsil incident. John Pantsil, who plays on the Ghanian national team, is also a member of Hapoel Tel-Aviv. When Ghana one its first Game against the Czechs, he celebrated by waving an Israeli flag as a tribute to his fans who came from Israel to see him play. Of course all of the Arab members of FIFA complained.

Now, Al-Jazeera is arguing that Israel has launched a Genocide campaign agasint the palestinians while the rest of the world is watching the world cup. Of course the propagandists at Al-Jazeera also neglect to realize that this campaign was actually started by Hamas who decided to kidnap Israeli soldiers and fire missiles on Israeli cities.

Even during an event that is supposed to stop wars and bring peace, somehow the hateful arabs of the world and their propaganda press have found a way to create another web of lies surrounding Israel.

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