Monday, June 12, 2006

Zimirot - Oh Baby !

As a kid, the highlight of the Shabbat table was singing zimirot. Zimirot are ancient kabbalistic hymns that are sung to accompany each sabbath meal. Each of us had a favorite song and a favorite tune to go with it, and when we couldn't agree on which tune to use - fast vs. slow MBC (Miami Boys Choir) vs. MBD (Mordechai Ben David) - we would oftentimes sing both. We sang sefardic tunes and even matched our lyrics to the beach boys.

This was something that until recently was lacking at my own table. But now that my big guy is old enough to sing along, we have started singing zimirot on Friday night and on Shabbat afternoon. My son is really getting into it, and despite his butchering of some of the words, seems to enjoy it with the same enthusiasm that my siblings and I had as children.

Enjoying your religion is great, but enjoying it through your children's eyes is greater - because that is pure nachas.

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