Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I was watching Fox News the other night on TV, when they ran an very interesting story. Apparently, a woman in Germany had her unemployment benefits taken away because she refused a job as a prostitute. Apparently, since prostitution is illegal in Germany, a job as a prostitute is treated like any other job, and if you are referred to a job that you are qualified for and turn it down, you lose your unemployment checks.

This is ludicrous! Legal or not, and fitting the description or not, this job is dangerous!! - Prostitutes can be exposed to HIV/AIDS and other types of disease (Even condoms break), shouldn't there at least be an opt out for her here?

Even so the topic of this post is Morality - this story just seems to be one more step towards the lowest levels of immorality in the history of I world. I am not going to chime in on what I think that the other steps are, or what does or doesn't constitute moral behavior, all that I am saying is that this is definitely a sign of our immoral times. I just don't want to think how much lower we will sink between now and the time that my sons are adults. G-d save us.

David Asman on this story: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,146657,00.html

I have also pinged 'A-stitch-in-haste', not sure 100% what his opinion is, but there was some talk of this being a hoax

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