Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A little more about my morality post

... apparently there was some confusion about the details, it seems that the person in question was not asked to become a prostitute but rather a bartender in a brothel. While this is probably not as offensive and reprenhisble in the eyes of most people, there is still an issue here in the form of legalized prostitution. Imagine me, as an Orthodox Jew and the grandson of Holocaust survivors being assigned to work as a programmer for a white supremacy group? Or an arab 'charity'?

I guess I really want to make two points here:
1) It is definitely a low point when the unemployment office is filling jobs at a brothel.

2) Granted, the incident happened in Germany, but imagine here in the US if I was forced to take a job where the employer's mission or the nature of their business was completely contrary to my religious, social or political beliefs.

I guess in the latter, I would have an out, as I am sure that I would not pass the interview, but still, to even think it a possibility makes me cringe.

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