Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I talk about my older son, Mitch, an awful lot, and not too much about his younger brother. But the truth is I love them both equally. Mikey is just something else. He isn't tracking as big as Mitch did, nor is he as physically advanced in some ways (At his current age, Mitch was walking for almost 2 months already, while he is just beginning to pull himself up), but what he lacks in stature he makes up for in spirit. He is a feisty (in a good way) child, and very inquisitive. Walls can't contain him, something which will take on a larger literal dimension when he does learn to walk. And trying to change his diaper - forget about it, he just doesn't sit still. I had to learn to do it one handed because the other hand was necessary to hold him down with.

We have a standing policy in our house (a bad one, admittedly) that if one of our kids wakes up within two hours of our wakeup time, we let them stay in bed with us. We have done this several times with mike, had him fall asleep with us, and only to be woken up by a pair of tiny hands clawing at your face.

As I sit their with him on my lap in the rocking chair in his room, all the memories of Mitch at his age come back to me. Sometime I wonder if I am giving him too little attention, and others I wonder if I give him too much to spite his older brother.

At the very least I need to give them equal time on this blog.

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