Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Somehow, when we weren't looking, time just zipped by, and Mitch is turning 3. When he was born Faigy and I agreed that we would observe the custom of not cutting his hair until he turned three. As you can only imagine, we are constantly trying to explain that our long-haired child, is in fact, a boy.

At three, he will get his first haircut, and will be asked to recite the Aleph-Bet (the Hebrew Alphabet). He will also receive a Yarmulka (which he wears ocassionally now) and his first pair of Tzitzit - ritual fringes. In Yiddish, this ceremony is called an Upsherin.

On the one hand, I am looking forward to it. On the other, I am having a hard time dealing with what my son might look like with a short haircut. I can't believe how grown-up he's become from just a few short months ago.

For kicks, I put up an Upsherin Counter on his website -

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