Friday, December 10, 2004

Am I sending mixed messages?

Usually on Friday nights in the winter, I take my older son, Mitch, to Shul with me. However, instead of sitting inside the main sanctuary, we usually find ourselves, along with many of his toddler buddies and their dads, in the playroom. There is a running joke amongst us dads that we should have a second service in the playroom, just so that we can join in too.

I wonder if this is sending a mixed message. Sure he knows we go to shul Friday night, and sure he knows that Daddy davens, but in his mind he sees it as a place to play. Granted he isn't 3 yet, so maybe I am a bit ahead of myself.

I feel that it is definitely a good thing that he looks forward to going to shul with daddy on Friday nights. And I guess that it is better for him to want to go to shul and play, then to not want to go to shul at all - i.e. that Shul is significantly kid-friendly for him to want to go.

Last week, I managed to get him in to the main sanctuary for Lecha Dodi. It was being sung to a pretty rousing tune and he danced through the whole thing. I guess I am doing something right after all.

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