Thursday, December 16, 2004

School Interviews - 1 down, 1 to go

Yesterday, Faigy, Mitch and I went to visit one of the two schools we are considering for next year. This school actually has your child interviewed by the school pyschologist. My guess is that she looks to see if the child is at the cognitive and motor-skill level they'd expect of someome his or her age. Mitch did fine, however it was evident, that he is the kind of child that likes to do his own thing.

She first wanted to see if he could Identify his colors - she gave him a pack of crayons to draw with and asked him to take out the purple one. His response? 'No, I want the green one'. He took the crayons out one by one naming the colors. All told, I think he did okay. She asked us if he needed to be the one running the show, which, we don't think is true - even if his friends (most of whom are just a bit younger than him) follow his lead some of the time. But it was definitely more evident yesterday than ever before that this child is at least partially a chip off the old nonconformist block. I know that this school will definitely accomodate him and help him more than most of the schools I went to. The question is, how is the other school in comparison? And which will we choose?

Well, I guess we'll find out next week when we go visit them.

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