Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Real Meaning of Father's Day

A few weeks ago, right after Mother's day, my wife asked me what I wanted for father's day. My immediate answer - to sleep in. Regardless of when we go to sleep, I am usually the one up first with the kids in the morning. They get up around six or so, and I am responsible for watching them play while I pray every morning (this sometimes proves more difficult than others).

I just wanted to sleep in and get some rest for once. But when father's day came around, that isn't quite what happened. First I did in fact get up with them - at 7 though. Thankfully we came home late on Saturday night after having been away for the weekend, so they slept a little bit later. I took my oldest to synagouge with me, and later in the day I took my youngest to the Home Depot. Finally, we capped off a day where the three of us spent an hour in the park - without Mommy.

Reflecting at the end of the day, I discovered that the day was perfect - I wouldn't want anything else than to spend Father's day with the two reasons that I am a dad in the first place.

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