Thursday, June 23, 2005

Friends and Neighbors

When we moved into the neighborhood, we imagined that between our neighbors, our synagouge, their school, and random people we met in the park, we'd find friends for our kids. But, to be honest, I never realized how nice it would be to have that 'best friend' right next door or a few houses down. Growing up in Brooklyn, most of my friends were just far enough away that I couldn't just go to their houses and play on a daily basis. Sure we met in school and all, but for the most part, there seemed to be an awful lot of kids my brother's age in the neighborhood.

When mitch was about a year, another Jewish couple bought the house next door and moved in with their infant daughter. Mitch and her a good buddies, and ocassionally play together, go to the park together, or just hang out. Next year, they will go to school together as well.

A couple of years later, our neighbors just up the block gave birth to a little boy 6 weeks before Mikey was born. Yesterday our nanny told me that she stopped in front of their house on the way back to the park to chew the fat with their nanny. While they were talking, Mikey and his little buddy started up a conversation too. It looks like he's going to have one of those friends as well.

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