Monday, January 03, 2005

My Child the Sponge

This Friday night, we had Shabbat dinner at a friend's house. Their 7-year-old was singing a pop-music song at the shabbat table, and his dad told him that it was inappropriate and asked which of his kids would like to sing a 'Shabbat' song. Out of the rear corner, a meek little voice started to sing. I turned around to see my Mitch singing the 'Good Shabbos' song that my dad taught him as a one-year old and always sings to him.

Good Shabbos
Good Shabbos
Heilige (Holy) Shabbos
Tie-Yeera (Precious/pure) Shabbos
Zugt Shoyn Yidelech Good Shabbos (all jews should say Good Shabbos).

The Mrs. and I were floored. Although my dad sings that song to him and his brother every so often, I can't remember the last time I sang it with him, yet alone on his own.

It seems that kids seem to observe everything and soak it up like sponges. Here's another example. I decided that raising my voice to my kids doesn't work as calmly trying to explain why they are not allowed to do something. When my son does something I disprove of, I pull him aside and calmly explain to him what he did wrong, and if necessary, why he is being punished, at what that punishement will be. A couple of weeks ago, he kept looking away as I did this to him. I tried to get him to look into my eyes with no avail, so I tried a different tack. I put my index finger on my nose, and asked him - 'What's this?' 'Your nose, daddy', he replied. I asked him to point to his own nose, and he put his index finger on it in a similar fashion. I then told him that he needs to look at my nose when I talk to im, and that it's not polite to do otherwise.

Since then, everytime I say look at my nose, he picks his head up, looks me in the eye and puts his finger on his nose. It's uncanny!

Now, if I can only use a similar mechanism to get him to go to the toilet :)

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