Monday, February 11, 2008

Fighting Politics with Google Earth

There was an article in the Jerusalem post today about how the Village of Kiryat Yam is suing Google because someone posted on Google Earth that the village was built on top of ruins of an Arab village. Of course, Google's stands behind the notion of user-edited content. While I agree to some extent with Google, there needs to be a line drawn somewhere. For example, in the bible, the Kings of Israel had captured land extending into modern-day Syria. What if I were to go to Damascus and enter in - "Built upon the ruins of a Jewish City - Herod's fortress". Or even better, if I went to the entry for New York, and type - built on the ruins of stolen Native American land?!?

How ridiculous would this sound? Also, are these maps historical, or legally accurate?

It's the same thing with Wikipedia too.


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