Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sports Dad

Okay, so I've said it here several times, and It's worth saying again, I don't want to push my kids towards a goal so that I can live vicariously through them. That being said, I am not following what I've been preaching. I recently decided that I wanted to get my older son into Hockey. So badly so that I went out buying pint size Hockey Equipment for him - a whole year before he'll be old enough to join our local league. (He also has a Judo Gi that almost fits him, but that's for a different blog). 

My own dad wasn't really much of a Hockey player at all (in fact, the only time I remember him holiding a hockey stick was when he wanted us to put it away), but he was a big ice skater. I was on skates at about 3, and I probably struggled a bit until I was six, but I loved being on the ice, and ultimately this transpired into my own love of Ice Skating, In-Line Skating, and Hockey. But there was never a point at which my Dad said - do this.

I want to get him to start skating. I recently got the local parks pass to get me a discount at the municipal rink (an extra incentive to go more often) and I bought him his first pair of skates. He is super excited about them, and can't wait to go skating. I just need to keep telling myself that I will be okay if he doesn't like it, and that I won't keep pushing him if that's the case. Worst case scenario, the skates will hopefully fit his younger brother in a couple of years.

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