Sunday, December 04, 2005

Thank heavens for colds...

Okay, so maybe the topic sounds a little callous from a dad who truly loves his kids. So let me explain. Mike had a fever on Friday night, and Mitch followed suit after coming home from Shul on Shabbat morning. (In a scene that could easily have been scripted for a sitcom, he said 'Daddy my tummy hurts', and before I could ask if he needed to, he vommited all over the floor (not a pleasant site, to say the least).

We kept treating their fever with various anagelisics over the weekend, and thankfully our Doctor's visit this morning showed that they just had a little virus(es, since they don't have the same symptoms).

I know that we will have one or two more rough nights fighting to get them to sleep, and taking care of their fevers. And then I thought of all of those kids who are really sick, with all kinds of diseases. Fortunately, I don't know too many people personally that have those issues. But I still thank G-d every single day to let him know how grateful I am for those fleeting colds and viruses and general long-term health. A healthy child is something to never take for granted.

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