Friday, September 23, 2005

Growth Explosion

So as I mentioned in my last entry, Mitch, my oldest, has started a Jewish Preschool at the school he will (hopefully) be attending throughout grade and middle school. It is amazing how much he is growing day by day. It seems as if every other day he comes home knowing something more.

For example, in Judaism, we say blessings before eating foods. Each blessing is specific to the type of food you are going to consume - i.e. there is one for fruit, one for breads, etc. While we taught him one or two, we were surprised that a)He has picked up a couple more in only a few days of school and b) He says the blessings without any prompting.

He is growing up before our very eyes. But it's not just him. His little brother is growing up too. Mikey has started to hit his "terrible twos" stage. He has thrown several tantrums this week, including one over what footwear he was going to wear.

This is going to be a fun fall :)

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