Monday, August 15, 2005

The blessing of a Lollipop...

I would definitely say that my synagouge is, quite frankly, very kid-friendly. So much so to the dismay of the parents. Our Rabbi, not wanting kids to be afraid to come to synagouge, and not wanting kids to be afraid to talk to him, has taken to becoming one of several 'candy people' in our synagouge. Of course many of the parents would prefer if he had healthier snacks, and I am sure at least one or two people on the synagouge board are not 100% happy with the ocassional stains on the pews' upholstery or carpet, but for the most part I think that this is a good idea. Even if kids walk in Friday night, and loudly ask their parents if it's okay to walk up and ask for a lollipop.

My son is not that zealous in his quest for candy, and truthfully goes to say 'Good Shabbos' to the Rabbi with the lollipop being a fringe benefit. We have also been trying to teach him the blessings over food. (In Judaism, in addition to special grace after meals (thanks for the food we have consumed) we also make certain blessings before eating various types of food. A practice, that I will admit, I have not been the best at observing, and have made a concious effort lately to get better at.

Yet the other night, I was blown away when he turned to me and asked me to open a lollipop and then when I handed him the Lolli, without my prompting, or anyone else's, he asked if he could make a 'brachah', blessing, on the candy. I said yes, and was floored with Nachas when he did so - word for word, without any help.

Maybe something is sinking in.

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